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Matte Lip Pencil (N3 Red)

Signature Formula Body Broth Crémé

Made Of The Finest Botanical Extracts & Fortifications Sans Exception Olfactory Trompe L'oeil

families: honey soft spice vanilla wood

head notes: bergamot | star anise

heart notes: cinnamon | honey

base notes: patchouli | rum | vanilla

description: Maison Luisant offers new distinction in Court & Spark; an interpolation using star anise, a discreet plant with small flowers arranged in umbels.

Court & Spark gives it a vibrant tribute, focusing on its fresh, sincere accents, which find a luminous echo in bergamot before melting into the smooth blend of rum, patchouli and vanilla for a fragrance bang.

Enhanced by the warm, golden glow of vanilla as honey contrasts with the warmth of patchouli, and rum to offer, through this luminous woody scent a unique moment after which everything will be different.

"To Court" means to woo, to attempt to win the love of that special one.

"To Spark" as a verb is a little unusual, but the idea is to ignite someone in whatever metaphorical way you choose to take it. Thus, Court & Spark

Signature Formula Body Broth Crémé

Made Of The Finest Botanical Extracts & Fortifications Sans Exception Olfactory Trompe L'oeil

families: creamy leather wood

head notes: violet accord | cardamom

heart notes: iris | papyrus | ambrox

base notes: cedar wood | tonka bean | leather | sandalwood

description: A melting richness of sandalwood and the cream of tonka blown on the dry desert air. As the samsara takes to full flight, it enwraps us in violet flower, and cardamom before the wrath of leather mixing with sandalwood embellish. The papyrus, abrox and iris smoothly unite all aspects with the radiant and generous warmth of sandalwood. Lastly, cedar wood and tonka bean harmonize to render sublime this blend with its remarkable trail creating a unisex signature and sillage.

Sandalwood, papyrus, cedar wood: some spicy, leathery, musky notes gives this parfume its unisex signature and addictive comfort.

White Floral | Aldehydic Green

Head notes: White Rose | Pink Pepper | Aldehydic

Heart notes: Violet | Neroli | Peony

Base notes: Vetiver | Sandalwood | Musk

Description: A free spirited smooth scent with a natural flow that is deceptive in its simplicity at the opening, but quickly turns into a very sophisticated and different "clean" that is neither soapy nor floral.

The cocktail of blended flowers at its heart is like fireworks, where peony, and violet, reveal their assertive and impertinent character.

At once a floral, woody and exotic scent Brooklyn 69 is absolutely inimitable. A forerunner fragrance of "abstract perfumery" as opposed to "figurative perfumery". With its interplay of unique facets, the creation offers a trail that intrigues and pleases with tenacity. An exceptional fragrance, moving and stirring in equal measure, offering an extremely rare sillage that exudes a lifting aura. A creation about an individual-notion of freedom, it is itself freer, looser, but not obvious, yet not afraid to vary from, and thus not marry traditional conventions of feminine and masculine.

Brooklyn 69 Genderless and Bohemian.

Citrus | Wood | Musk | Amber | Balsamic


Head Notes: Bergamot | Grapefruit | Lemon | Mandarin

Heart Notes: Pink Berries | Nutmeg | Cedar wood | Sandalwood | Vetiver

Base Notes: Ambergris | Musk | Tonka Bean

Description : The arrangements this scent are often daring and sometimes semi- improvisational as any climb into the mountain air on an unexplored path. The orchestration delves adventurously through head and heart notes and musk undertones that often cause the accords to open poignantly as if melted in one breath. It’s both powerful and precise.

No stanza feels out of place. Everything has a purpose. Each note plays a role in building an ambitious olfactory tapestry that is a grand sum of its parts.

There is careful consideration put into each note, each raw, each perfectly placed crescendo; the attention to detail shapes its aesthetics.

The silage glows in an electric blue hue that radiates vibrantly and magically.

A complex original creation that creates a mountain high.

The endless lightness and sweetness and exceptional depth come from authentic and majestic ambergris of New Zealand, specially selected for this fragrance. The fresh, citrusy opening offers notes of grapefruit, bergamot and lemon. The fragrance takes an oriental turn with a heart featuring sandalwood, all on a base of musk, ambergris and cedar wood.

Families: Aromatic | Warm Spice | Floral


Head notes: Cardamom | White Rose

Heart note: Mimosa

Base notes: Tonka Bean | Almond Tree wood

Description: A masterpiece of balance and originality, Chelsea Garden marries a cardamom note with mimosa flowers and warm depth of tonka bean.

The mysterious dry-down of the fragrance blends notes with golden soothing warmth.

Chelsea Garden highlights all the beauty of mimosa not seen commonly in perfumery as the raw mimosa is fragile and easy to overwhelm rather than support.

Inspired by the Spring turning Summer under a flowering mimosa tree in an English garden, Chelsea Garden interprets all the splendor of this moment of botanical freshness. Transparent rose softens the rise of mimosa.

The delicate heart palpitates with mimosa flowers. The base blends carnal accents of tonka bean with the softness of almond tree wood. Vibrant and unexpected the golden mimosa shines in all its splendor in a stunning composition.

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