Fitness Booster Shot

CoQ10+ is a proprietary mixture of Co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins to help you take on and recover from on the toughest physical activity. CoQ10+ also helps boost the immune system and promotes anti-aging.

REVIV’s CoQ10+ booster shot provides an energy boost before and during prolonged periods of strenuous activity as well helping to speed up recovery afterwards. Containing a blend of Co-Enzyme Q10* and a high dose of methylcobalamin, the easiest form of B12 for the body to use for energy stimulation. CoQ10+ is a favorite of athletes and anyone seeking a natural boost of energetic power.


Fitness Enhancement
Lack Of Energy
Workout Recuperation
Heart Health


Produces Energy for Cell Growth and Maintenance
Protects Your Body From Harmful Toxins
Boosts Your Immune System
Promotes Anti-Aging
Maintains Cardiovascular Health
Detoxifies Your Body