Physical Graffiti Body Broth Créme

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Signature Formula Body Broth Crémé

Made Of The Finest Botanical Extracts & Fortifications Sans Exception Olfactory Trompe L'oeil

As sumptuous as it is harmonious, Physical Graffiti is worn by both men and women who appreciate its sweetness and salty blend of fresh citrus and blonde musk. A sophisticated, fresh scent that is a beautiful improvised work of master perfumery suitable for all occasions and reveling in contrast freshness and strength.

This body broth crémé surprises with its vibrant freshness lent by the green notes, the fresh floral accord, and the green woody accord; which come together with the white cedar and blonde musk in an intense composition.


marine salty citrus wood


head notes: bergamot | green wood

heart notes: italian lemon | orris | mandarin

base notes: amber | marine | white cedar | blonde musk