Anti Aging "Fountain of Youth"

Anti Aging “Fountain of Youth”

ML Skin Spa offers a Vitaglow, Anti-Aging IV therapy containing a high dose of the Master Antioxidant Glutathione as well as Vitamin C to help detoxify the body from damaging free radicals and improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails.

The aging process is inevitable and associated with various metabolic changes like declining Glutathione levels your body.

Glutathione* acts as the master antioxidant which detoxifies your body and promotes cellular repair.

This Rejuvenating Infusion is typically delivered in 20 minutes; providing your body and skin a quick refreshment to help stop the daily effects of environmental and daily stressors.

* Prevents & Reverses Effects Of Free Radicals
* Rejuvenates Your Skin, Hair & Nails
* Detoxifies Vital Organs
* Delivers A High Dose Of Glutathione & Vitamin C

Recommended Use:
Once every 2 weeks