Vent Dé Himalaya Garment Mist



Luxury Garment Mist

Highly concentrated

Nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free

The Art of Clean

families: citrus wood musk amber balsami

head notes: bergamot | grapefruit | lemon | mandarin

heart notes: pink berries | nutmeg | cedar wood | sandalwood| vetiver

base notes: ambergris | musk | tonka bean

The arrangements of this scent are often daring and sometimes semi- improvisational as any climb into the mountain air on an unexplored path.

The orchestration delves adventurously through head and heart notes with musk undertones that often cause the accords to open poignantly as if melted in one breath. It’s both powerful and precise.

No stanza feels out of place. Everything has a purpose. Each note plays a role in building an ambitious olfactory tapestry that is a grand sum of its parts.

There is careful consideration put into each note, each raw, each perfectly placed crescendo; the attention to detail shapes its aesthetics.

The sillage glows in an electric blue hue that radiates vibrantly and magically.

A complex original creation that creates a mountain high. A la Vent Dé Himalaya.

The endless lightness and sweetness and exceptional depth come from authentic and majestic ambergris of New Zealand, specially selected for this fragrance. The fresh, citrusy opening offers notes of grapefruit, bergamot and lemon. The fragrance takes an oriental turn with a heart featuring sandalwood, all on a base of musk, ambergris and cedar wood.