Red Light Radio Garment Mist



Luxury Garment Mist

Highly concentrated, nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free

The Art of Clean

Red Light Radio presents as a sun kissed exotic trip in a bottle to the islands of splendor in the Caribbean. A fragrance for men and women. Capturing the soul and tropical splendor of the scents lofting in the trade winds above islands in the Caribbean where the winds carry scent and music alike both fresh and warm at the same time. The sensual scent of coconut and ylang-ylang combining with carnal flowers that transport both the wearer and experiencer into a soothing reverie, while the bright lime juice refreshing in spirit creates a visceral feeling as the first step from warm beach sand into the cool sea.

The exuberant freshness of the head notes meets an aromatic breeze of fresh lime and mandarin. Then, the heart is enriched with warm notes such as jasmine and ylang-ylang. Finally, with the subtle and supportive woody base notes emerge as a rich, lush dry-down. Red Light Radio.


families: citrus sweet coconut fresh spice tonka


head notes: bergamont | lime | mandarin

heart notes: grass | jasmine | ylang-ylang

base notes: woody | coco | musk