La Belle Rebel Parfum 50ml



families: heliotrope incense floral woods

head notes: bergamot | lemon| pepper| juniper berries

heart notes: incense |pine needle|orris |white peach

base notes: amber | vanilla |sandalwood


chic, sexy and bohemian at heart. Le Belle Rebel brings to mind a rebellious woman with extreme elegance and individual needs formed from discerning natural taste.

its intense aura is individual without being overpowering. a challenging fragrance to define with hints of woody patchouli heightened by vanilla and white peach, which sensually softens the accord. the fragrance formula dresses up in a bottle with pure scent lines and intimate ambiance, it's perfect for those who prefer light fragrances that are not floral.

Pure Parfum quality so as it is light in scented weight the presence is full and complete, coming on gentle and easy. an unexpected and contemporary creation.