Brooklyn 69 Candle



Brooklyn 69 is created as a mediation of the year of 1969 in Brooklyn NYC. The scent is light and fresh with a heart of fused neroli and peony. The scent opens with white roses, pink pepper; a heart includes violet, neroli and peony. A base is enriched with blond wood, sandalwood and musk. Cedar is a hidden yet a prominent note in combined with summer flowers. A portmanteau and kaleidoscope of contrasting dimensions in a light, smooth bohemian presentation. From Woodstock, to a Man on the Moon, to the Manson murders and the Stonewall riots, the summer of 1969 was a tumultuous and eventful time, and a time where a natural feel still prevailed as flower power evolved . This is what is captured in the scent the last remnants of the pre-digital age.

A free spirited smooth scent with a natural flow that is deceptive in its simplicity at the opening, but quickly turns into a very sophisticated and different “clean” that is neither soapy nor floral.

The cocktail of blended flowers at its heart is like fireworks, where peony, and violet, reveal their assertive and impertinent character. At once a floral, woody and exotic scent Brooklyn 69 is absolutely inimitable. A forerunner fragrance of "abstract perfumery" as opposed to "figurative perfumery." With its interplay of unique facets, the creation offers a trail that intrigues and pleases with tenacity. An exceptional fragrance, moving and stirring in equal measure, offering an extremely rare sillage that exudes a lifting aura. A creation about an individual-notion of freedom; it is itself freer, looser, but not obvious, yet not afraid to vary from, and thus not marry traditional conventions of feminine and masculine.

Brooklyn 69 Genderless and Bohemian.


families: white floral aldehydic green


head notes: white rose | pink pepper | aldehydic

heart notes: violet | neroli | peony

base notes: vetiver | sandalwood | musk