Amber Aóud Candle



The unique and precious Aoud wood with an Amber hue, the fragrance is a majestic celebration of this rare ingredient, Aoud which reveals its true strength and sensuality.

A powerful scent with woody and smoky accents concentrated in a wake as only the best quality of Aoud can. A rarity in the world of perfume; both mellow and intense.

This woody leather fragrance blends the mysterious notes of leather and amber with the sweet notes of bulgarian rose in a subtle alchemy. A unique olfactory encounter between East and West.

Aoud has become one of the most expensive raw materials used in the luxury fragrance industry, for its sensuous and exquisite scent, that allows you travel to the exotic deserts of Arabia.


families: woody amber rose spice aoud animalic


head notes: lime | bergamot | lemon

heart notes: rose | jasmine | ylang-ylang | fig

base notes: saffron | cinnamon | patchouli | birch | sandalwood | aoud wood | oak moss | orris | civet | musk | ambergris