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SkinCeuticals features highly effective formulations that are created with the best of what science and nature have to offer. Founded in 1994, SkinCeuticals is a skin care line dedicated to the research and development of innovative dermatology products. Utilizing clinical research, consumer education and multi-functional products, SkinCeuticals improves the overall health of the skin. Designed to combat the visible effects of aging, SkinCeuticals products combine natural botanical extracts, and scientifically advanced skin care. Their topical vitamin C products, super antioxidant treatments, moisturizers, broad-spectrum sunscreens and alpha hydroxy acids, employ pure bio-available ingredients to improve the condition of aging skin.


Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50 (1 fl oz.)


Bring on the heat with SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50. Designed to supply brilliant sun protection, this mineral sunscreen delivers a shine-free, matte finish, even in the most humid temperatures, thanks to its aerated silica that absorbs 15 times its weight in oil. Zinc oxide blocks burning UVB rays, and titanium dioxide keeps UVA rays a safe distance from your skin.

To give your complexion a flawless, smooth finish, translucent color spheres are added to the formula. These supply a universally flattering tint that works on all skin tones and has the added bonus of minimizing the appearance of your pores.

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