Pop stars on world tours are doing it. Models recovering from Fashion Weeks are doing it. Professional Athletes and Corporate People alike. Intravenous Vitamin Infusions seem to be all the rage, but are they a social media-friendly waste of time and money?

What is It?

Intrigued-yet-dubious, I headed to the ML Skin Spa Elixir Vita Clinic to give it a go. And I wasn’t about to receive any old infusion:  ML SpaMD recommended the Myers infusion for a Physical + Brain Reboot, with NAD, which was described as a huge hit of antioxidants to my system, boosting energy levels, brain function and much more besides. NAD is a coenzyme found in every living mammal, which helps transfer food energy into our cells. As we age, NAD decreases, so these infusions are apparently anti-ageing, and are even being explored as a method of helping addicts recover from withdrawal. However, studies are still in relatively early stages

What does it entail?

Why the IV drip is popular with Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna.

I headed into a comfortable calming room with TV, dim lighting and an apparently sound proof room. After filling out a questionnaire, I was attached to the drip.
The Nurse warned me that I might feel a little strange for a few minutes. For a little while I felt nothing and thought that maybe I was just really hardcore and then whoosh! My heart started beating. My head thumped. My legs felt that warm, it was not bad but obvious the vitamins were flowing!

However as soon as the bag emptied, the symptoms stopped. I chattered away to ten to the dozen, barely even aware of what I was saying - all while I was connected to another bag. This time it was the Myers Cocktail, which is full of Vitamins B, Vitamin C and Magnesium.

What effect did it have? 

Walking out of the clinic and past people on the street outside, I felt strangely like a bird of prey. It was as though I could absorb sensory information faster than usual; each second felt stretched to its full potential. It’s a shame that this mental clarity was wasted on a lunch with girlfriends that I had to dash off to. However, I can see why professionals who need to be on when it counts are embracing regular infusions, because if I had to go onto the trading room floor or give a big pitch, I’d be beyond confident, alert and mentally agile.

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