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Matte Lip Pencil (N3 Red)
David Mallett

Conditioner No. 1

The highly effective care formula of Conditioner No. 1 - L'Hydration: the hair cuticle and locks in moisture, strengthening the hair structure from inside whilst preventing residue build-up and facilitating styling.

8.5 fl oz/250ml

The LUMICIA illuminating shine conditioner instantly de-tangles and hydrates the hair, smooths cuticle scales and neutralizes the effects of hard water for optimal light reflection.

This conditioner has a light, creamy texture, and is composed of Fioravanti Alcoholate, Acerola cherry vinegar, shine agents, vitamin B5 and de-tangling, anti-static cat-ionic conditioners, which provide exceptional shine and instant de-tangling.

5 fl oz/150ml


Thickening Conditioner 250ml

Sachajuan's Thickening Conditioner is infused with ocean silk and thickening technology to give hair smooth volume. Heat and UV protectants work together for healthier, shinier, and more beautiful hair.

Ocean silk technology and thickening technology: give hair smooth volume.

Heat and UV protectants: make hair healthier and shinier.

8.4 fl oz/250ml.


Silver Conditioner

Silver Conditioner that adds pigments to the hair which counteracts and neutralizes yellow/golden tones. The pigments add volume and new luster to the hair. Contains UV-protection.Ocean Silk Technologyhydrates, increases shine and gives stability.

250 ml

Sachajuan's Normalizing Conditioner uses ocean silk technology climbazole and piroctone olamine to moisturize and detangle hair. Calming on the scalp, this formula leaves hair feeling supple, strong, and full of healthy shine and bounce.

Climbazole and piroctone olamine: help moisturize and detangle hair.

8.4 fl oz/250ml.

The newest featherlight ingredients meet the latest body building polymers to leave hair full, thick and quite frankly, magnificent. The most exclusive extracts and oils protect against oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin, ensuring the long-term health of hair and scalp. Because you should always think big. This body-building gel-cream moisturizer provides uplifting support for effortless combing, styling, glamorizing.



Signature Conditioner

Oribe spared nothing in crafting this restorative daily moisturizer. Hydrating polymers revive youthful shine for lustrous, healthy locks and detangle for ease of combing throughout the day. Conditioner just got luxurious. Enjoy. 6.8 fl oz.


Fondant Densité (200 ml)

Lightweight, silky conditioner replenishes hair to provide texture, substance and resilience for an immedite bodifying effect. Detangles and replenishes while still providing immediate body. Hair feels light and fluid.

Instant detangling conditioner that nourishes highlighted or natural dry hair.

With no leave in time, this antioxidant conditioner is composed of 2% plant oils and instantly detangles, nourishes and brightens highlighted hair.

Paraben, silicone, SLS and colorant free. Color safe.

FOR: Highlighted hair ; Natural dry hair

WHEN: Every day

BENEFITS: Detangles ; Nourishes ; Protects highlighted hair ; Prevents natural oxidation of highlights

TEXTURE: Milky cream

8.33 oz

Instant detangling care that protects fine, colored and sensitive hair.

This conditioner detangles, restores body and creates natural volume and lift for fine colored hair, without drying or weighing it down.

Paraben, silicone, SLS, colorant free. Color safe.

FOR: Fine hair ; Colored hair ; Sensitive hair

WHEN: Every day

BENEFITS: Detangles ; Nourishes hair ; Creates body and volume ; Protects color


8.33 oz

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